How To Clean A G-Shock Watch – A Complete Guide For G-Shockers

G-Shock watches are impressive for their solid construction and dynamic design. These watches were readily put through a variety of tests that may make them get dirty to demonstrate their high durability and practicality.

However, that doesn’t mean they can cope with all the dirt. A watch no matter how durable, if not cleaned for a long time, will still lead to potential harm, or even stop working.

Thus, how to clean a G-shock watch is always a hot topic on G-Shockers forums. What is the best method to clean your G-Shock watch? It’s crucial to be careful about every cleaning technique and use only those methods that have been tried and proven by many users.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Watch

In reality, people tend to ignore the dirt on the watch. Many of us frequently lose hair, shed a bit of skin, and even produce skin oil, even if we do not all actually sweat overly. You can’t avoid thinking about it because it’s a part of your body’s biology.

Such oils and skin debris can harm a timepiece, deteriorating it and obscuring some of its unique characteristics while giving it an ugly and dirty look. Dirt can sometimes seriously damage a watch by destroying the linkages and obscuring the dials and crown.

how to clean a G-shock watch

Regular watch cleaning can also help prevent the growth of rust and other types of corrosion, which may be particularly damaging to the watch’s metal components. (Source: Internet)

Having a busy life might result in a watch’s dirt accumulation. In other words, if you wear your watch while swimming, climbing, working, or even just eating, it might get quite dirty.

The accumulation of dirt, grime, and other debris that might harm your watch over time can be avoided with regular cleaning. Additionally, it may protect the value and brand-new look of your watch.

Regular watch cleaning can also help prevent the growth of rust and other types of corrosion, which may be particularly damaging to the watch’s metal components. A number of factors, like how frequently you use the watch or your daily activities, affect how often you should clean it.

It is advised to clean your watch once a month if you use it regularly and it is exposed to dirt and other factors. Cleaning your watch once every three to six months would be appropriate for less regular users.

How To Clean A G-Shock Watch

1. Remove dirt and debris off G-Shock Watches

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the watch

You can still target the trouble spots on your watch with water and a damp cloth even if your G Shock isn’t waterproof. You should quickly wet a soft cloth or a sponge with warm water and then squeeze to remove the excess water.

With a damp cloth, gently rub the spots where there is dirt or dust accumulation. The dirt will lift off the watch’s surface as a result of your rubbing. Avoid cleaning your watch with paper towels as well as other abrasive materials since they might scratch the surface.

  • Use rubbing alcohol to wipe away the grime

If water wasn’t successful in getting rid of the buildup on your watch, you might need to apply a stronger cleaning technique. Apply rubbing alcohol on your G-Shock watch to clean them effectively and safely.

Use a soft cloth and roughly a teaspoon (4.9 ml) of rubbing alcohol. After that, use the moist cloth to gently scrub the watch’s surface one more to remove any remaining dirt or accumulation. If using rubbing alcohol to remove the filth was effective, remove any remaining rubbing alcohol using a moist towel, then dry with a fresh, soft cloth.

  • With a toothbrush, clean the problem spots

Scrubbing at the buildup instead of wiping it may be more successful if you are facing extremely difficult filth. Shake the toothbrush to remove extra liquid after dipping it in warm water or rubbing alcohol. Utilizing the brushes in a gentle circular motion, scrub the buildup of dirt or debris on your watch. Choose a toothbrush with softer bristles than one with stiff bristles.

  • To clean crevices, use a Q-tip

The cracks and crevices of timepieces frequently accumulate dirt and other debris, making cleaning them challenging. Use a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol or water to clean up dirt that built up in a difficult-to-reach place. Remember to remove any Q-Tips fluff that could catch on the watch’s edges.

2. Removing Scuffs

  • Utilizing a pencil eraser, rub at scuffs

If you use your watch frequently, it probably has some scratches and stains from usage. A normal pencil eraser is a useful item that you may use to get rid of imperfections. When using an eraser, carefully rub it on the scuff a few times before wiping away the eraser dust. To prevent staining the watch, particularly if it is white, use a white eraser.

  • Scuffs on the face can be removed using toothpaste

A strange yet incredibly powerful tool for erasing scuffs and small imperfections is toothpaste. Use a Q-tip and just a little bit of toothpaste to gently rub the scratches or scuffs in a circular motion. After wiping, remove the toothpaste with a soft, damp cloth.

3. Rinsing water-resistant G-Shock watches

  • Make sure your watch can be water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

You need to verify that your watch can withstand the water environment before you rinse it. G-Shock offers a variety of water-resistant models, from “water-resistant” to “divers’ watch 200M”.

  • Wash the watch with warm water.

Once you’ve confirmed that your watch is at least a Casio G-Shock with a “Water Resistant to 50M” rating, you can gently wash the watch right away under the jet of warm water. To make sure you are cleaning the watch’s whole surface, turn your G-Shock over.

  • Wash the watch with some clear hand soap.

Squirt just a little amount of soap into your hand. Spread the soap across the watch’s whole surface with your fingers, including the band and all of the watch’s crevices and nooks, while holding the watch away from the water. If you have a white watch, avoid using colored soap on the band because it may leave stains.

  • Rinsing the soap on the watch.

Put the watch under the water to rinse it after applying soap to the entire watch. Then, let the water rinse the soap away. Until all of the hand soap has been washed off the watch’s surface, run water over it.

  • Use a fresh cloth to dry the watch.

Use a clean, soft damp to gently dry your G Shock watch after you have finished removing all of the soap.

How Do You Clean A Watch Band?

You don’t need any special equipment to clean a watch strap; only warm water, a toothbrush, or a sponge, together with a small amount of mild dish soap will do the trick.

To keep it clean, a watch band should be taken off of your timepiece and cleaned with an appropriate tool. Even though there are plenty of strap cleaners easily accessible online, only a few of them work well. Numerous of the substances on this list are damaging to leather and resin used in Audemars Piguet watch straps.

How to clean your Apple Watch in 5 steps | ZDNET

You don’t need any special equipment to clean a watch strap; only warm water, a toothbrush, or a sponge, together with a small amount of mild dish soap will do the trick. (Source: Internet)

If you expose your watch bands to water too regularly, they may become damaged. Leather watch bands should be maintained in excellent condition to prevent scratching and damage, which might detract from their beauty.

You can use hand soap or mild dish soap to clean your watch because the soap has Glycerin, an ingredient that softens leather watch straps. Use a toothbrush, warm water, and a little soap to gently scrub the metal band softly. To remove dirt and oil from a rubber Seiko watch band, try a little alcohol. Then, give the rubber band a good rinsing with water.

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How Do I Clean My White G-Shock?

With constant usage, the white plastic resin of a Casio G-Shock gets soon dirty. Oils and filth gather in the grooves on the bottom of the strap, dulling the watch’s color. A white G-Shock may have its look maintained with care without affecting its performance or sustaining any damage.

Place your white G-Shock watch face on a soft cloth and then squirt several drops of isopropyl alcohol into another folded soft cloth.

Use the slightly damp cloth to gently rub the watch’s surfaces all over until the cloth starts to become dirty and darken. After completely wiping out the G-Shock watch, change to a new cloth and continue until the cloth seems clean.

Apply a few drops of alcohol to a cotton swab, then rub the tip of the swab into any dirt or dark grooves you find on the watch. If the swab you’re using seems dirty and dark, try a different end or a different swab entirely.

Wipe off all of the white plastic resin on the band and the area surrounding the watch face with a wet melamine foam sponge.

Make sure you have completely cleaned off all of the accumulated dirt by examining the watch again. Extra cleaning may be necessary to get rid of stubborn filth and ink stains.

Finally, rinse your waterproof G-Shock watches under warm water and dry them gently.

More Tips To Clean Your G-Shock

  • You might also use a toothpick to remove any dirt or grime that has built up in the crevices of your watch.
  • If your watch band has severe scratches or other damage, you can quickly replace the band at an affordable price.
  • Use a vinegar-water mixture to clean the grime that has built up in the watch’s deepest crevices. Use warm water that is not boiling. Mix one-third of the vinegar into the water, then immerse the watch for roughly an hour. But, remember that a special vinegar smell might remain for a while.
  • The first step in cleaning a white G-Shock watch that has turned yellow over time is to immerse it in warm water with a light detergent for around 10 minutes. After that, carefully clean the watch in a circular manner with a gentle toothbrush. After cleaning the watch, rinse it with warm water and dry it with a new cloth.

G-Shock Watch Care – What To Remember?

It’s not recommended to wear a timepiece in the shower, bathtub or any other similar environment since the extreme temperature causes the metal components to expand more quickly. Tiny cracks are formed as a result, which can enable steam or water droplets into the watch.

Immediately rinse the watch with warm, fresh water after swimming or diving in salt water. Turn the rotating bezel on your watch numerous times while washing it if it has one. This will stop the bezel ring from corroding and accumulating salt. Do not remove the screw crown under water.

40th Anniversary Recrystallized Series honors the original G-Shock with watches made of hardened steel

The lifespan of the watch’s seals and luminosity will be affected if you often leave your watch in direct sunlight. (Source: Internet)

Keep your watch cleaned by regularly wiping it with a soft cloth in order to maintain your watch and band clear of dirt, sweat, water, and other debris. This will ensure that your watch operates as expected.

Lack of use of a watch’s crown, rotary bezel, or buttons might result in malfunctions in the future. To maintain good operation, regularly rotate the rotary bezel, turn the crown, and press buttons.

Avoid putting your quartz timepiece next to a magnet as it can stop working. This is especially relevant to welders, tourist bands, magnetic mattresses, etc. The lifespan of the watch’s seals and luminosity will be affected if you often leave your watch in direct sunlight.

Dangers of Poor Watch Care

1. Rust

Even though the steel used to make your watch is very resistant to rust, rust might still develop if you don’t clean the watch once it becomes dirty. Your watch may be coated with dirt, which can prevent oxygen from contacting the metal and cause rust to form by causing the oxidation layer to break down.

Band pins may fly out of place or fall out due to rust, which can create sharp edges on metal parts. Stop using your watch right away if you ever detect anything out of the ordinary, and take it to the watch service centers.

Even though the metal’s surface seems clean, rust and sweat in the crevices may lead to skin irritation, and dirty sleeves, and even affect how well watches work.

2. Easily damaged

Premature wear, cuts, and damage can result from keeping your watch in moist conditions or from leaving sweat and water on the bezel or a resin band.

3. Skin Irritation

When using a watch, people with sensitive skin may suffer skin irritation. Such people should maintain their resin or leather band very clean. Take off your watch immediately and get in touch with a skincare expert if you ever develop an allergic reaction or other skin irritation.


1. Can I use  alcohol to clean my G Shock?

Cleaning Casio G Shock watches with rubbing alcohol is effective and safe. Apply rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth using roughly one teaspoon (4.92 ml). Once the buildup or dirt has been removed, wipe the watch’s surface once more with a moist cloth.

2. Should I wash my G-Shock with soap?

The answer is yes. A soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of hand soap are the most recommended cleaning solutions for G-shock watches. Rub the toothbrush with the soap after wetting it with warm water. After that, carefully clean the watch’s difficult-to-reach areas with the toothbrush.

3. Can I wear my G-Shock watch in the shower?

You can wear your G-Shock watch in a wide range of situations, such as having a shower, swimming, surfing as well as doing daily activities with water. However, remember to rinse the watch with fresh water after that.

4. What chemical is recommended to clean watches?

An very helpful cleaning solvent is isopropyl alcohol because it not only dissolves any oil or grease but also gets rid of any residue left on the components from the initial cleaning solution.

5. Why does my G-Shock fog up?

When the temperature of the watch suddenly drops, the inside of the glass’s surface may become foggy. There is no problem if the fog disappears rather quickly.

6. How many years does a G-Shock last?

G-Shock watches can last up to ten years in good condition. However, the exact number will be determined depending on how you use and maintain them. In general, 5 to 6 years is an appropriate time to replace the battery as well as the strap if necessary.

7. Can I put my G-Shock in the washing machine to clean it?

In reality, G-Shock watches can go in the washing machine. But keep in mind to take safety precautions. The watch should ideally be put inside a cloth sack or sock to prevent mechanical harm while the washing machine drum rotates. Additionally, washing the watch is best done with clothing of the same or similar color to the clothes. Most essential, a watch can only be cleaned at a temperature of 40°C.


In general, most G-Shock watches are easy to maintain and clean. Read carefully our helpful tips on how to clean a G-Shock watch and find the best solution to clean your G-Shock watch.


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