Can You Bring Food Into Disneyland? – A Detailed Answer

You’re planning to spend time at Disneyland but still wonder Can you bring food into Disneyland?  You’ve come to the right location guide!

Surely existing in a constant state of excitement does work up an appetite. A family of four can easily spend more than $100 per day on lunches, snacks and dinners in the park. Though Disney is happy to sell you overpriced bottles of water, bringing your own eats is the better way to go. And there’s no need to stuff granola bars in your pockets or stash sandwiches under your sweatshirt to get in. To know more, view this blog!

Let’s see Can you bring food into Disneyland or not

Frequently asked questions

What can I bring into Disneyland 

Even at the most magical place on Earth, you’ve got rules. In fact, Disney has been stricter about what you can and cannot take into Disneyland recent years. Families and other guests can expect that security agents at the entrance to the parks will thoroughly inspect every bag you bring into Disneyland so don’t try to sneak anything! 

can you bring food into disneyland

There’ll be security check at every entrance gates

So What can you bring into Disneyland? Well, you’re free to bring your personal things except items mentioned as following:

  • Weapons 
  • Pets
  • Alcohol, marijuana
  • Glass containers 
  • Coolers larger than 6-pack sized 
  • Masks and Costumes
  • Recreational devices (drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, shoes with built-in-wheel)
  • Folding chairs
  • Selfie sticks, large size tripod/monopod stands

Note: Those who bring cameras or recording equipments into Disneyland with intent to take pictures of Disneyland properties or record people are supposed to request permission and schedule arrangements with appropriate Disneyland representatives in advance. 

Can you take food into Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort features a variety of great dining options for almost every taste and budget – including a wide range of choices to help accommodate guests with Special Dietary Requests. But in case you want to bring your own eats, it’s also possible!

what can i bring into disneyland

Disneyland does serve diverse cuisine suited to every taste and budget

According to Disneyland food policy, guests are allowed to bring outside food into the parks for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers, do not require heating, reheating, processing or refrigeration and do not have pungent odors. This means snack items or pre-made such as sandwiches, carrot sticks, bags of chips, granola bars or fruit like apples and bananas will likely make the cut. Just remember to inform a Security Cast Member of any food items when you enter the park.

Whereas, large quantity food items or any items that need to be prepped will be restricted to the complimentary picnic area – an ideal setting for guests to enjoy your own food that conveniently located outside the Main Entrance to Disneyland Park. You’ll also find lockers in these areas so that you can stow away any leftover items before heading in.

All inappropriate food items will be sent to the picnic area

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Can you bring water into Disneyland

You’re also allowed to bring in your own water and non-alcoholic beverages. Disney has no strict rules about the type or amount of water you can bring into its parks. The only things that are restricted are alcohol and glass containers. No alcohol is allowed into the parks, and glass containers must be around 4 ounces or smaller. 

And while guests may pack their food and drinks in coolers, the park has restrictions on those too. You may carry a cooler that’s around the size appropriate to hold a six-pack or smaller, or leave a larger cooler (up to 18 inches wide by 25 inches high by 37 inches deep) in the rentable lockers outside the main gate of Disneyland, and grab things out of it when it’s time to eat.

Can you bring water bottles into Disneyland

Yes, you can bring your own water bottle supposed that it’s not a glass one.

Note that free drinking water is available at water fountains throughout the park so you can refill it as needed. I recommend one with a wide mouth so you won’t have to wait for so long when filling it. You can also walk up to many counter service locations and get a small cup of ice water for free, without buying anything else. That’s cool, right?

Guests can easily find out water fountains in the parks

Recommended foods and drinks

Below is a list of things that you absolutely must have packed for your Disneyland visit. Some may seem obvious and there might be a few you have not considered. But, you should not visit the park without them.  

  1. Sandwich 

Refrigerating and heating your own food isn’t an option in Disneyland parks so pack soft foods that can be eaten straight from the cooler. What’s more, choosing foods that you don’t need to cut up at mealtime or eat with utensils makes your life easier. Therefore, sandwiches is no doubt your top selection. Don’t forget to put them in hard food-storage boxes for protection.

Pre-made sandwiches are permitted to bring in the parks

  1. Dry, portable snacks

You’re going to want some snacks to enjoy while waiting in line or while you’re walking en route to an attraction. And although there are many delicious snacks available in the Disney parks, it all adds up. So don’t rely entirely on the park to feed you and your group throughout the day. Bring a few dry, portable, unmeltable snacks with you, too, so you can keep the troops satisfied between meals without blowing through your budget.

Snack and food prices are rising at Disneyland

  1. Bottled water

Yes, Disneyland offers free iced water at restaurants and they’re surprisingly kind about the request but again, you don’t want to rely on standing in line for rehydration so bring in your own water bottles. We especially love the Hydaway Collapsible Bottle for travel because it flattens down to next to nothing when empty. 

Also avoid sugary foods that might give you or your kids a quick burst of energy followed by a crash into cranky territory. Everything should be ready to eat cold, because there’s no place inside the gates where you can warm food.

Water is the best option to stay hydrated for all day long

  1. Fruits and juice boxes

Bring juice boxes, squeeze packs of applesauce, trail mix, baby carrots, drinkable yogurt tubes, fruit strips and berries along. They would be ideal sources providing you with enough vitamins and energy for your one-day trip. 

Don’t hesitate bringing in fruit cups


So you’ve almost got the idea for question Can you bring food into Disneyland. For more details please check Disneyland Resort Rules. Make sure you’ve got the rules before your visit to avoid any delays or disruptions. 

If you’re still wondering about What can you take into Disneyland? Leave your comments below! We’d love to help.

Last word, have a safe and enjoyable time!

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