Things To Do In Shibuya 2020 – What You Can’t Miss

The entertainment paradise in Tokyo, Shibuya is the most energetic area boasting some of the best restaurants, sightseeing spots, shopping malls, countless bars and clubs! But without plans, you’ll probably be overwhelmed and a bit confused when discovering this hectic place. Following is the list of the best things to do in Shibuya 2020. Hopefully, you find this location guide useful and informative!

The Best Things To Do In Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya – Special Economic Zone of Tokyo

Shibuya (渋谷区 Shibuya-ku) is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan and also, is high on the bucket list of every traveler. Not many people know that Shibuya has a history that dates back over 1000 years ago. In the past, Shibuya was said to be home of farmlands and tea fields where the Shibuya family resided. After the opening of the Yamanote Line in 1885, Shibuya began to emerge as a railway terminal for southwestern Tokyo and nowadays, it ends up as a major commercial and business center, a mecca of Tokyo’s youth.

things to do in shibuya

Shibuya has the beauty of modernity

A region of diverse contrasts, from the cosmopolitan appeal of the iconic Shibuya Crossing and the booming entertainment centers to the tranquility and timelessness of ancient shrines. It is also Tokyo’s youth district with the latest fashion trend and all sorts of fun happen everywhere. Whatever time of day, it buzzes with activity and never runs out of energy. Below are some places to visit in Shibuya and things to do in Shibuya at night which you should definitely give it a shot in 2020.

What to do in Shibuya

  1. Experience Shibuya crossing

If you haven’t checked in Shibuya intersection, it doesn’t count that you’ve visited Tokyo. The Shibuya Crossing features as the busiest pedestrian crosswalk in the world with around 3,000 people passing from all way at the same time. Get your camera ready because you’re about to get the coolest shot that has appeared in several popular cultures and countless movies including Lost in Translation and Fast and the Furious 3. You can also sip a cup of coffee while watching it from the view of any buildings nearby. 

things to do in shibuya

No trip to Tokyo is complete without witnessing and being part of the famous Shibuya Scramble


Address: Shibuya 150-8010, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Open 24 Hours

  1. Selfie with Hachiko statue 

Since you come out of the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station you see the Bronze Statue of Hachiko. Behind the statue is beloved storytelling about the loyalty of Hachiko dog.

In 1924, Hachiko was adopted by Professor Ueno of Tokyo University. It had become a routine that Hachiko saw the professor off to work every morning and waited for him at Shibuya station every evening when he came back from work. Sadly one day, Professor Ueno suddenly passed away while working in his office. In the next nine years, Hachiko had waited for Ueno at Shibuya station every single day, until the day he died with the hope that the professor would come back.

shibuya attractions

The Hachiko statue in Shibuya is a homage to the faithful of Hachiko dog

This story has touched the hearts of millions and in 1934, Tokyo people built this statue to commemorate the love and loyalty of Hachiko. These days, Hachiko Entrance/Exit has become one of Shibuya attractions and used as a place to meet up with friends. Don’t forget to take a selfie with this cutie when visiting Shibuya!


Address: 2-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Open 24 Hours

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  1. Go window-shopping

Shibuya is definitely a shopping mecca. Alongside of every street, there’s a variety of fashion, home, lifestyle, electronic and souvenir shops. 

The Shibuya 109

things to do in shibuya

Shibuya 109: Shopping Tower Dedicated to Tokyo’s Youth Fashion

The Shibuya 109 is one of the most popular shopping centers and has been a symbol of Tokyo’s young fashion culture for the last two decades. It’s a shopping paradise with over 100 departments where you can find the latest fashion items at reasonable prices. 

Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands, a favourite place of every shopping lovers, offers a huge collection of stylish and unique items that will require hours of window-shopping.

Shibuya Parco 

After being renovated and reopened in Fall 2019, Shibuya Parco features as the iconic commercial building of Tokyo with nearly 200 stores.

Shibuya Loft

Just a couple of minutes from Shibuya Station, the seven-floor building Shibuya Loft is a chain of stores that has whatever-you-want-to-buy, including quirky souvenirs and cosmetics at great low prices.

what to do in shibuya

Loft is by far the best place in Shibuya to buy gifts, either for friends or for yourself


Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Open Daily 10 am – 9 pm


Address: 12-18 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan


Address: 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-8377, Japan


Address: 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan

  1. Capture the whole area from Shibuya Scramble Square

The tallest building in the Shibuya area, Shibuya Scramble Square has opened in 2019 autumn with over 200 shops and restaurants. At the rooftop of the building, there is an observatory “Shibuya Sky” where you can gaze the coolest view of the streets of Shibuya including the Shibuya Crossing and the 360-degree landscape of the Tokyo’s entire town. So this place is worth visiting twice at least. 

Everything is moving upwards, onwards and forwards from the view of Shibuya Scramble Square


Address: 2 Chome-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

Hours: Open daily 10 am – 9 pm

  1. Back to history at Meiji Jingu Shrine

Built-in 1920 as the place to dedicated the first emperor of modern Japan – Emperor Meiji, Meiji is the most famous shrine in Tokyo with unique architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Meiji Shrine is quite a popular attraction, over three million people visit here on New Years. It’s an amazing experience to move from the bustling shopping streets of Shibuya to the serenity and tranquility of the shrine.

what to see in shibuya

Meiji Jingu Shrine is Tokyo’s most famous spiritual landmark

Since you get through the huge Torii gates you’ll be overwhelmed by vividly green scenery of more than 100,000 trees and barrels of sake. If you come in late June, you may have chance to see an incredibly beautiful sight with 150 species of irises in full bloom along the entrance path. 

Visitors can have a glance at the Treasure House where portraits and possessions of the previous Emperor and Empress are kept. Or you can pray in the main hall and write your wishes on an ema.


Address: 1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan

Hours: 5am – 6pm

  1. Drop in Yamatane Museum of Art

Yamatane Museum of Art is a mixed-use art complex that houses an art-house cinema, museums, galleries, concert halls and even opera in its state of the art facilities. This museum has access to over 12,000 pieces for exhibition, but only small numbers are public at any one time.

Yamatane Museum of Art exhibits refined Japanese art in the heart of Tokyo


Address: 3 Chome-12-36 Hiroo, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0012, Japan

Hours: 10am – 5pm

  1. Stroll at Yoyogi Park

Tired of the chaos of Shibuya and wanna take a little break? Then a stroll at Yoyogi park is perfect!

Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, which appears as the greeny urban backdrop of the Shibuya area. It’s situated in the north of Shibuya and just five minutes’ walk away from Harajuku Station. With spacious lawn areas, forests and ponds, it’s totally contrary to the hustle-bustle of Shibuya and you can easily get away from it all to enjoy nature at its best.

People can enjoy the beautiful nature of Tokyo in Yoyogi park

Yoyogi Park is more crowded on weekends when artists, dancers, cosplayers, and musicians all gather to perform in groups. It’s a great way to see some of Japan’s subcultures and funky scenes! Besides, the park holds various seasonal events throughout the year. It’s a definite must on places to see in Shibuya.


Address: 2-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0052, Japan

Hours: Open 24 Hours

  1. Try Genki sushi

When it comes to dining out in Tokyo, Shibuya offers one of the largest options for tourists. From budget-friendly sushi to high-end restaurants, various restaurants with wide price range can be found within the district. Among the above, Genki Sushi appears as the most famous sushi spot, offering delicious fresh sushi at an affordable price. In the evenings, stop by the restaurant and try the well-known salmon dish with green onion and chili oil is so famous for.

Unless you order drinks, you don’t actually interact with the serving staff as everything happens automatically

Especially in Genki, you will experience the amazing train delivery which means, you order through an electronic device then food will be sent directly by the conveyor belt system. It’s quite a novelty and a fun place to visit!


Address: 24-8 1F Udagawa-cho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Open Daily 11 AM – 12 AM (10:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday)

  1. Drink like a local at Nonbei Yokocho

A stopover in the fascinating street, Nonbei Yokocho, is also a must. Known as “Drunkard’s Alley”, this street has many ramshackle bars and cheap restaurants for you to choose. Some of the bars have opened since the 1950s and that brings the nostalgic appeal and intimate atmosphere.

Tokyo Yokocho is described as a culinary and boozy backstreets


Address: 1 Chome-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: 3-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit 3


  1. Wander along Shibuya Center Gai

Located right off the Scramble Crossing, Center Gai Street is among Shibuya points of interest and a great choice for visitors to enjoy Tokyo nightlife since it has plenty of bars, Izakaya (Japanese style pub) and clubs. There are also a variety of restaurants including ramen, fast food, and shops with all kinds of souvenirs and cosmetics.

Walking through Shibuya center Gai can make people feel like sensory overload

  1. Chill at a late-night café

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit down, sip your favorite coffee and silently enjoy Shibuya late night, here are some recommendations: 

Udagawa Café

Conveniently located along Center Gai, you can chill here until 5 am while sipping on your choice of coffee (or tea) and munching on delicious midnight snacks.

Address: 1F Grand Tokyo Kaikan, 33-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: 4-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit 3


Mamehiko Udagawacho 

You can enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks coupled with a unique and classic atmosphere. The staff are attentive, and the coffee and food is top-notch. It can get crowded during peak hours so be sure to come as early as possible!

Mamehiko has an attractive appearance

Address: 37-11 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Chatei Hatou

Although Chatei Hatou is just a few minutes walk from Shibuya Station, it’s not easy to find this place. It is a very cozy Japanese cafe with great interior design. These are one of the few places in Shibuya where you can have great tasting coffee at a reasonable price.

Address: 1-15-19 Shibuya Shibuya Tokyo


  1. Crash for the night at Love hotels hill

Shibuya, just like Shinjuku has plenty of love hotels, especially in a spot called “Love Hotel Hill”. Be aware that it is not a kind of ordinary hotel but a private space for couples to stay in a short period of time (could be a few hours or one night). More recently, love hotels are also a good source of cheap accommodation.

There are strict policies in these hotels and confidentiality is guaranteed so discretion is very important. Please note that all payments must be done by cash and many love hotels do not accept reservations.

  1. Happy New Year in one of the most iconic places in the world

Traditionally, at the moment of welcoming the New Year, Japanese families will gather together to have dinner and watch TV. However, in recent years, there are more and more people, even foreign tourists, come to Shibuya to celebrate the New Year. After 10.30 pm, all the streets will be closed and no means of transport enters the area. Soonly stages will be erected, every corner will be lighted up and people spill onto the roads. It’s definitely an enchanting night!

People celebrate during the event for 2019 new year’s countdown at Shibuya


Being the biggest station in Tokyo, Shibuya Station can be easily accessed by following subway lines: the JR Yamanote Line, JR Saikyo Line, JR Shonan Shinjuku Line, Hanzomon Subway Line, Ginza Subway Line, Fukutoshin Subway Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyu Den-Entoshi Line, Keio Inokashira Line, and the Narita Express.


Combine quaint tea shops with hustle and bustle streets, bars, restaurants, and fantastic attractions and you’ve got the perfect holiday destination. Hope you get your own answers for the questions What to see in Shibuya and things to do in Shibuya 2020 after reading this post. 

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