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20% OFF Sumo Training Experience In Tokyo

If I have had a chance to observe sumo wrestlers on the dohyo ring and now you would like to experience something new and more interesting, why don’t you try sumo training in Tokyo? What would it be like to get into the ring with a real sumo wrestler? What would you gain from this unique training experience? You’ll definitely have a lot of fun!

What You Can Get

  • Learn sumo basics from former sumo wrestlers and interpreters on the real dohyo ring.
  • Enjoy a practice match at the end of the lesson
  • Rent the original T-shirts and track pants for free. Women and children are also welcome!
  • Receive a small gift from the sumo wrestlers at the end of the lesson
  • Observers are also welcome to watch and take photos around the dohyo

20% OFF Sumo Training Experience in Tokyo

Important Information

  • If you want to be a spectator watching and taking photos around the dohyo ring, please choose “Sumo Training Spectators” option.
  • This activity is not recommended for someone who is pregnant or has severe injury/health issue. However, you are welcome to join this tour as a spectator!
  • The minimum number of customers in each experience will be 5 people. If there is not enough customer on the booked date, the experience might need to be canceled.

What To Bring

You don’t have to bring anything


Sports center near Mitaka station (you’ll get the exact address upon booking confirmation)

Cancellation Policy

1 Month Prior To Your Experience

  • If your experience is scheduled for June 21st at 6 pm, cancel by May 22nd 12:00 AM in the experience’s timezone for a full refund.
  • You’ll get no refund if you cancel the experience less than 30 days in advance.


From $127.12

For more information, visit Sumo Training Experience in Tokyo