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  • Akihabara Anime & Manga Culture Guided Tour

Akihabara Anime & Manga Culture Guided Tour

Japan is famous for manga and anime, which are spiritual entertainment products of Japanese people and they has been popularized worldwide. If you are a true fan of Japanese manga and anime, Akihabara is designed for you. Located in the center of Tokyo, Akihabara has become the center of otaku culture in Japan and most of the stores you find will be related to anime, manga, and/or video games. Another big part of the “Akiba” culture is the maid cafes that are located all over the area with a number of the “maids” handing out flyers, looking for any potential customers. Do you wish to be accompanied by lovely maids on the way to explore otaku culture? Let’s come and join us now.

What you can get:

  • Explore Akihabara with a guide dressed in a maid costume
  • Go to a maid café for lunch and a drink
  • Learn about Japan’s fan (otaku) culture

 Akihabara Anime & Manga Culture Guided Tour

Important information

  • One group must have at least 2 members.
  • Please book 2 months in advance.
  • The tour has no age limit.

What to bring

  • Camera


Departure time: 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, or 6:00 pm


In Akihabara Tourist Information Center, near by JR Akihabara Station, Central Exit.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation, up to 1 month prior

Price: 39.47 USD per person

For more information and booking, please click Akihabara Anime & Manga Culture Guided Tour.

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