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  • JR East Pass Nagano & Niigata Area – Flexible 5 Day Pass

JR East Pass Nagano & Niigata Area – Flexible 5 Day Pass

A JR East Pass (Nagano, Niigata area) is the ultimate way to travel Japan, with unlimited rides on the super-fast Shinkansen, along with other JR trains and buses. A great value ticket for exploring Japan at high speeds, get your JR East Pass now!

What you can get

  • Incredible value — unlimited travel around Tokyo, Nagano, Niigata, and surrounding area
  • Convenient printable e-ticket for easy exchange — buy before or after arriving
  • Flexible pass — use on any 5 days within 2 weeks of collection
  • Includes Tokyo Monorail, JR Bus, and selected other lines as well as all JR trains in the area
  • World-class multilingual support from Japan experts — 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Price from $165,86

About Yuu Sato

Yuu Sato has been working in hospitality industry since 2003. In the past, he used to work as a tour guide and now he is running his business of supplying comfortable accommodations in Japan. Thanks to this experience and his passion for writing blog, the articles by him provides awesome tips and things to do when you are traveling in the country of cherry blossoms.