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Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Tickets

Sky Circus is a place you should visit if you want to admire the panoramic views of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Considered as the city’s most unique observation deck, Sky Circus not only provide 360-degree views of Tokyo but also offer many other forms of entertainment for people of all ages. With seven separated theme zones designed to stimulate all your sense, this is a particular experience you can’t miss out in Tokyo.

Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Tickets—Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Kaleido Scape where you feel like you are lost in wonderland.

What you can get:

  • Enjoy the breath-taking view of the city from the top of Sunshine 60.
  • Explore 7 theme zones to stimulate all your senses.
  • Experience virtual reality (with extra fee).
  • Shop for souvenirs or try delicious beverages at Café Quu Quu Quu.

Other information:

– VR experiences require additional per use fees:

  • Tokyo Bullet Flight (600 JPY)
  • Swing Coaster (400 JPY)
  • Sky Escape: The Acrophobia Experience (500 JPY)

– Children under 3 are admitted for free

Price from only $10.76

For more details and booking, visit Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Tickets—Ikebukuro, Tokyo