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Studio Ghibli Museum Tickets — Preorder & Last-Minute Tickets

The Studio Ghibli Museum, the themed park with Studio Ghibli characters and designs as its motif, should be on your list of must-go places when visiting Universal Studios Japan™. Tickets are not available at the museum and must be bought in advance, so you are recommended to choose from our preorder, last-minute, or ticket guarantee options!

Why should you book a Ghibli Museum ticket?

  • Select preorder or last-minute options, depending on how far in advance you book
  • Ghibli Ticket Guarantee now available for just 10 groups per month!
  • Explore the museum and search for your favorite Ghibli characters
  • Watch one of Miyazaki’s earliest films, only shown in the museum theater
  • Relax at the cafe after your exploration & visit the gift shop for Ghibli-themed souvenirs

Price from $34 and can vary seasonally.

If you want to buy a Studio Ghibli Museum ticket, please click here.


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