Best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo You’ll Absolutely Love

What do you experience when coming to Japan? Beautiful places in Japan, or places with small cities, but don’t forget in Tokyo there are specialties waiting to be discovered. Because this place is famous for its unique dishes, it is a culinary treasure, a must-try at the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo.

In the kitchen with Japanese people, what will you choose to eat? You’ll enjoy Sushi, Tonkatsu, and Shabu-Shabu,… Set out on the table with so many choices you’ll be blown away. But don’t worry, we will recommend you the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. Spend some time circling around Tokyo and enjoy it gradually.

What’s unique about food in Tokyo?

Discovering delicious food in Tokyo is not too difficult for you right from the moment you arrive in Tokyo. But you won’t know the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. Experience Japanese cuisine right away. Traditional food robota or grill, it’s interesting from the appetizers. Tonkotsu ramen- is a famous dish in Japan.

The dishes from the beef will suit many people there. What could be more perfect if the scene where you are going to eat it is really beautiful. See a little beauty in the Japanese garden and enjoy tofu dishes at Sasanoyuki restaurant.

Experiences with quiet space are also popular and preferred by many people. Or vegan, healthy dishes. Please consider when choosing a dish, and choose a location because each restaurant will have famous delicious dishes and the right space for you.

Discover Japanese restaurants



Have you tried sushi at this restaurant? (Source: Internet)

The master of Sushi was present at Teruzushi, bringing delicious, beautiful, and attractive dishes to the guests here. You probably won’t know this restaurant has 50 years of history equivalent to 3 generations of sushi chefs.

From the fuel provided to the steps of the presentation of the dish, everyone can not help but be surprised, admiring praise. It is this difference and uniqueness that is part of the name of this restaurant.

The signature dish, also known as the favorite of the customers who come to eat, is the “Unagi burger”. The ingredients include grilled eel, surrounded by rice, and fresh and crispy nori wrapped around the outside. All the fuel that the restaurant has is taken from other localities, which the restaurant has gone to the market, prepared from early morning every day, ensuring the food is always fresh.

Another aspect that makes this restaurant famous is the presentation. Ingenuity combined with creativity has shown style. The movements and postures shown while making dishes have raised the brand name of Teruzushi.


For sushi connoisseurs, there are definitely some terms for sushi dishes:

  • Neta: a topping, a seafood ingredient placed on a piece of sushi.
  • Shari: sushi rice prepared with vinegar, sugar, and salt.
  • Murasaki: soy sauce.
  • Nigiri: sushi with rice mixed with vinegar, sugar, and salt, put seafood, and eggs on top.

Tips for eating sushi

When eating a piece of sushi to feel more delicious, you should use your hands to eat. You can also dip when adding wasabi or not to reduce the spiciness. As for soy sauce, let the taste of the sushi add more flavor. You should dip the topping with a little soy sauce and when you put it all in your mouth, you should turn it upside down to make it easier to feel.

Especially pay attention to what you should enjoy, eat from the bar to other bold dishes. The flavors that are eaten first will not be overwhelmed by the stronger flavors. That’s the trick when it comes to enjoying sushi the right way.

Open time:

  • Daytime from 12 o’clock at night
  • At night from 17:30 or from 20:15.



The style of this restaurant is very new. (Source: Internet)

When it’s cold, what do you think of eating? One idea that popped into my head was to eat traditional Japanese barbecue at Inakaya in Roppongi District. Inakaya was founded in 1970 and has more than 50 years of a long history. It is a warm, friendly environment that offers 2 robatayaki ovens and high-quality food.

The most interesting thing is to enjoy the culinary art right in the space you are eating. You sit directly across from the open kitchen and receive your food from the staff on wooden paddles.

Sit back and enjoy the taste of wine. You can order any other dishes such as seafood, tofu, meat, and vegetables. Or many other dishes such as sashimi, nimono, zosui, rice balls,… True style “robatayaki” will serve you.

Open time:

  • Daily from 5 p.m – 11 p.m

Moving Guide

  • Take the Hibiya, Oedo Line to Roppongi . Station



Famous food in Tokyo you should try. (Source: Internet)

A fine dining experience at Ichiran with Ichiran Ramen. Why is it so famous? That’s because not only the taste is delicious, but the price is cheap, and the processing is also quite fast. Ichiran was renamed in 1966, and since 1960 has had a small stall.

Ichiran restaurant is very successful. For gourmets, Ichiran Ramen still captures their hearts. From the style of the restaurant organization to the quiet space, enjoy the ultimate noodle topping. What is more attractive?

Restaurant organization style

When you get there, you will see the instruction manual for the noodle order machine at Ichiran Ramen. The corresponding image and name are displayed on the machine screen, you choose. Then the payment is done and the order receipt is automatically printed. Note that when coming here you need to prepare a cash or electronic payment card.

Carefulness and meticulousness are typical characteristics of Japanese people. Followed by a sheet of paper to better understand your taste. The staff behind the curtain will do and serve you.

Taste of Ichiran Ramen

The fragrant aroma of the noodles begins to taste. The blend of flavors and colors of noodles, scallions, eggs, and soy sauce is so delicious! The warm, thick broth gives you an incomparable experience.

Understanding customer psychology, Ichiran restaurant also allows customers to buy more noodles. It seems to be delicious to the last drop.

Some branches of Ichiran

Abroad, Ichiran Ramen is still famous as a delicious, unique dish. So a number of branches were built such as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New York.

Open time:

  • Open 24 hours

Moving instructions:

  • Access by foot from Nishitetsu Hirao Station takes about 7 minutes.

Sushi Dai


Customers are ordering food to eat. (Source: Internet)

In Tokyo, it is impossible to hide the top sushi restaurants like Sushi Dai, which are hidden around Shin-Ohashi Street. Breakfast with some sushi is also a reasonable option. Each breakfast only costs you about 2000-3000 JPY (~ $14.62 – $21.94) with items such as nigiri sushi, sushi rolls, eggs, and special sushi, which costs about 4000 JPY (~ $29.25).

This restaurant is prestigious, traditional, and high-class sushi style, so it is known by many people, queuing to eat. Sometimes you have to queue from 5 am to be able to eat your favorite food like sushi. But the time you spend on it is well worth the greatness of the food. All dishes are prepared with fresh, delicious ingredients and delicious seafood.

Moving instructions:

  • It takes about 5 minutes by Oedo Line from Tsukijishijo Station.
  • It takes about 5 minutes on the Hibiya Line from Tsukiji Station.

Kamigata Midou Teppanyaki


Strolling down the street, stop by and eat at Kamigata Midou Teppanyaki restaurant. (Source: Internet)

A luxurious space in the Ginza area, fascinated with grilled food. Dishes of teppan, wagyu beef, curried vegetables, and grilled garlic. The dishes are fresh and eye-catching, and the beef is just cooked, melting when put in the mouth. In addition, there is Daisen chicken, and Yonezawa pork, carefully prepared.

Thoughtfulness is always evident in any store in Tokyo. Going to a barbecue has a seductive aroma but does not soak up the smell of clothes. You can rest assured to dine by the cleanliness of this place.

Open time:

  • Open daily from 17h-23h
  • Note: Friday is open from 5 pm – 3 am the next day.

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Simple, delicious food. (Source: Internet)

Delicious with the taste of lunch in Aoya. Therefore, customers come to the restaurant very crowded, they like the food here and the quiet space. The space is gently decorated with lanterns. A little bit old, old in the style of building houses in Aoya.

The space and taste that Aoya gives customers a delicious taste, close to home. At Aoya restaurant you will not be able to pay by card, so it is necessary to prepare cash.

Open time:

Every Monday, Aoya restaurant will be closed. Opening hours are from 11:30 am – 16:00 pm and 18:00 pm – 22:00 pm.

Nihonryori RyuGin


A restaurant with a new, modern style. (Source: Internet)

Nihonryori RyuGin is a well-known restaurant, honored as a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo. Coming to this restaurant, you will have a lot of dishes to discover, and the delicate flavors on each dish will be served in turn.

Each dish at this restaurant is taken care of, with enthusiasm and meticulousness by the cook. The cuisine is seasonal, and the style is modern, so the dishes are prepared like a work of art from the taste to the way it is presented.

Some outstanding dishes you should try charcoal-grilled Japanese lobster, traveloka, stewed abalone, deep-fried fish bones, and “sea flavor” set,… Come here, the restaurant deserves to be included. Top 10 best restaurants in Asia.

Open time:

  • All days of the week the restaurant is open from 18h-1h the next morning.

Kioi Nadaman


Eat while being in harmony with nature. (Source: Internet)

Change the wind a little, and enjoy a little new space at Kioi Nadaman restaurant. The garden setting is opposite the dining table, overlooking the garden. Being served by the restaurant for delicious food, enjoying and immersing in that space is wonderful.

Shabu shabu hot pot, along with tempura, and grilled meat were already on the table. You will feel like you are experiencing a life of happiness and wealth in the past. The blend of cuisine and scene makes that space come alive and soulful.


  • Breakfast: JPY 2970 (~ $21.76)
  • Lunch: 4620 JPY (~ $33.86)
  • Dinner: 8250 JPY (~$60.46)

Open time:

  • Kioi Nadaman restaurant is open from 7:00 to 22:00.


  1. What are the manners when eating in a Japanese restaurant?

Chopsticks should not be used as a sword or food spear. It is considered rude, not polite. Use a fork to eat when the food is difficult to pick up. And one more note is not to pick up a piece of food and give it to someone else who is eating with you.

      2. Is breakfast important in Japan? What do they usually eat?

A fixed meal in the morning traditionally consists of rice, miso soup, and ohitashi aka boiled vegetables. Fermented soybeans- Natto, pickles, grilled fish served with rice.

      3. Someone said: tipping waiters in Japan is rude. Is that correct?

Japan is different from European countries. Japan’s culture is to not tip. The services, and standards that the staff provide, are appreciated, not the need to receive tips. If tipping happens frequently, it can be annoying, and really rude.

      4. Are there any foods in Japan that are consumed in bulk?

From 2000 years ago to now, the important food indispensable in the Japanese diet is rice. No matter how the diet changes, rice is still the main ingredient.

      5. What do Japanese people usually eat for lunch and dinner?

For lunch, Japanese people usually eat rice or noodles. And it’s common for people to bring lunch boxes to work, with beef ramen, soda, udon, gyudon. Unlike the Vietnamese, the main meal of the Japanese is dinner. They will eat sushi, tori katsu,… 


What delicious dishes have you chosen at Japanese restaurants? Going to discover the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo to enjoy is also an exciting, exhilarating experience. Restaurants with different styles, noisy atmospheres, and quiet atmospheres, but the Japanese way of serving is forever, always careful, meticulous, and extremely delicate.

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