Hokkaido Milk Tea: An Awesome Beverage In Japan!

The milk tea storm spread throughout Asia because of its stunning taste. One of the most famous milk tea brands we need to mention is Japan’s Hokkaido Milk Tea. The ingredients including tea, milk and cream, extremely special and impressive flavor. Hokkaido Milk Tea is very popular in Japan and this type of milk tea captivated many tea lovers all over the world. Let’s discover its yummy taste and learn how to make a cup of milk tea on your own.

Things You Need To Know About Hokkaido Milk Tea

First of all, the brand name of Hokkaido milk tea comes from the region born this tea. Hokkaido is a region in Japan renowned for its milk and widespread farming. Compared to other Japanese regions, this province is less inhabited. Hokkaido is an excellent location for tea visitors to try the renowned this Japanese milk tea.

In fact, Hokkaido milk tea is commonly referred to as royal milk tea and Nidashi milk tea. In the West, people often confuse between tea and Boba tea or bubble tea as the drink may comprise tapioca pearls. Taiwan is the original region of Boba beverage while Hokkaido milk tea is from Japan.

They make Hokkaido milk tea with high-quality black tea leaves, including some types like Assam, Darjeeling and Earl Grey. The tea is frequently sweetened with caramel syrup or brown sugar. Some recipe adds tapioca balls for a better flavor. Besides, they also replace black tea by Oolong tea or green tea leaves in the modern style.

Nowadays, Hokkaido milk tea is very popular that we can find out the tea houses in Kyoto or Singapore, even in Chinatown in different US cities, and Korean households. Two well-known tea shops you can visit are Saisabo and I-Tea. Moreover, for a better experience and more convenient tasting, some companies even wrap the tea in the pre-packaged bag you can put into your luggage.

1. Hokkaido Milk Tea Recipe

hokkaido milk tea recipe

What are things inside a Hokkaido cup?

  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 teaspoons black tea leaves or two black tea bags, (you can replace by 150ml of Oolong tea)
  • 30 grams of fat milk powder
  • 20ml of caramel syrup
  • 20ml of sugar water (boil with 1 kilogram of sugar and 1 ml of water)
  • Topping (pearl, pudding, jelly,… you can make or buy the ingredients)
  • Ice
  • Shaking flask, measuring cup

How to make a cup of Hokkaido milk tea?

  • Step 1: You put topping into the cup.
  • Step 2: You get 150ml of Oolong tea into shaking flask.
    (Oolong tea can be found at the supermarket. To get the tea, you soak the tea bag in hot water for 5 minutes, then filter the water and remove the residue).
  • Step 3: You dissolve the tea with 30gr of milk powder and stir well.
  • Step 4: Pour 20ml of caramel syrup with 20ml of sugar water into shaking flask.
    Then you add ice cubes and cover the jar, then shake it up.
    Now pour it into the cup and enjoy it. Just a few steps, you have a cup of Hokkaido milk tea that is as delicious as milk tea in the shop.

2. How Does Hokkaido Milk Tea Affect Our Health?

In general, there are many benefits that a Hokkaido cup brings to us. Thanks to the ingredients made from tea, they help prevent oxidation, protect human skin from aging and pollution. In addition, this tea is also good for cardiovascular, weight loss (in case of drinking less sugar), good for the digestive system and strengthen the immune system.

However, if you drink too much Hokkaido, your health is also badly affected. In tea leaves containing caffeine ingredients cause dizziness, hypertension and insomnia. It also reacts to different medicines, so if you are taking medication to treat the disease, consult your doctor if you want to drink milk tea.

Japanese milk tea

There are different tastes of Hokkaido milk tea you can try

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3. The Best Destinations To Enjoy Hokkaido

A cup of Hokkaido milk tea is suitable for the morning right after waking up, or early in the afternoon to burn mental fatigue up. The aroma and yummy taste of Hokkaido helps you recharge your energy to continue working.

Traditionally, Japanese people have famous tea culture and they often drink tea at home. Sometimes they want to change their taste, they can still go out to enjoy Hokkaido milk tea. From the homeland – Hokkaido to Tokyo and Okinawa, there are a lot of milk tea shops with various shapes and different forms. You can visit the list of Hokkaido milk tea places below:

Tea Salon Gclef  (Kichijoji)

This tea shop is the first choice for those who love royal style milk tea. Besides milk tea, the menu includes waffles, scones and other teatime sweets. The price is quite expensive, but it’s worth for the quality. Gclef’s decoration is the combination between old-fashioned European style and Japanese tea parlor.

hokkaido tea

Enjoy a cup of Royal tea in an old-fashioned place

Kenyan (Shibuya)

Kenyan is a milk tea shop that has long been a favorite among locals. It specializes in Japanese black tea and it even received certification from the Japan Black Tea Association. The shop has many types of milk tea with many different variations. If you are in the Shibuya area, you should visit this shop and try Hokkaido milk tea here.

hokkaido bubble tea

Kenyan from the outside

Chunsuitan (Daikanyama)

Chunsuitan is a Taiwanese tea brand and has branches in some places in Japan, mainly located in Tokyo. Most customers have good reviews for the quality of drinks here. In addition, Chunsuitan knows how to mix unique flavors in milk tea such as the familiar Japanese Matcha or fruit flavors.

Hokkaido milk tea

Chunsuitan’s milk tea and delicious food


Japanese milk tea always has a unique flavor by blending pure and rich ingredients. Hokkaido milk tea is very popular in Japan thanks to its delicious taste. Hopefully, after reading this article, you know the origin of Hokkaido milk tea, learn how making Hokkaido milk tea at home and note down some addresses of the milk tea shops if you have a chance to visit Japan.

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