12 Best Tokyo Skytree Restaurants: Good Choice to Eat Around the Skytree

Tokyo Skytree Restaurant

Tokyo Skytree Restaurant (Source: Internet)

The Tokyo Skytree, the second-highest building in the world at 634 meters (more than 2,000 ft), is the tallest building in Japan. The Tokyo Skytree stands out thanks to its modern appearance, which offers a distinctive contrast to the nearby traditional shrines and temples.

There are several chances for souvenir buying at the Solamachi shopping area, which sits at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, there are a variety of eateries close to the Tokyo Skytree to suit every taste.

We have selected 12 of the top-rated and most well-liked Tokyo Skytree Restaurant for you. Discover Japan’s top places to eat.

12 Best Tokyo Skytree Restaurant: Places Close to Tokyo Skytree Offer a Variety of Meal Styles

1. Momonjiya

Momonjiya: The flavor of Ryougoku in a welcoming setting (Source: Internet)

Enjoy the atmosphere of Tokyo’s Shitamachi while chowing down on meals made with meat from wild wildlife, including pig, deer, and bear at Momonjiya. Their famous Wild Boar Stew and deer sashimi, which is thinly sliced, lean venison, that pairs well with red wine, are both popular dishes. Even those who are experiencing game meat for the first time might appreciate the experience since Momonjiya takes great care in how they cook and serve their meal.

  • Location: 1-10-2, Ryogoku , Sumida-ku, Tokyo (From the Ryogoku Station west exit, it takes 5 minutes to walk)
  • Price: 1350 Yen to 6000 Yen (~$9.9 to ~$44.02)
  • Time: 5 PM – 9 PM (except Tuesday)
  • Phone number: +81-3-3631-5596

2. Chisana Kura Dareyame

Chisana Kura Dareyame: A place you can enjoy a relaxing and leisurely time. (Source: Internet)

A restaurant and bar providing seasonal Japanese cuisine produced with locally sourced ingredients is called Chisana Kura Dareyame. While indulging in their selection of meals made with seasonal ingredients and seafood obtained directly from reputable and trustworthy fishermen, take in the unhurried and relaxed restaurant ambiance. The expertly prepared and beautifully presented meal at this eatery next to the Tokyo Skytree matches perfectly with their assortment of sake.

  • Location: 2-7-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (JR Sobu Line and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Kinshicho Station are both five minutes’ walk away.)
  • Price: 4000 Yen (~$29.35)
  • Time: 5 PM – 12 AM
  • Phone number: +81-3-6659-6707

3. Yakitori Omino

Popular yakitori eatery “Yakitori Omino” is located in Yokohama. The owner-chef of “Torishiki,” one of Japan’s most lauded restaurants, has just established a new eatery. It is served in the same manner as “Torishiki”: until the customer requests the server to stop, the chef’s suggested skewers are presented to the customer one at a time.

Yakitori Omino (Source: Internet)

Here, you may indulge in as many mouthwatering yakitori skewers as you wish, ranging from common cuts like tsukune, heart, and breast meat to uncommon ones like back liver, and Achilles tendon.
Additionally, they have a sizable selection of alcoholic beverages, including excellent beers, sake, shochu, and champagne.

  • Location: 1-38-4 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (around three minutes of walking from Oshiage Station)
  • Price: 9000 Yen to 19999 Yen (~$58.7 to ~$146.73 )
  • Time: 5:30 PM – 11 PM (except Sunday and Holidays)
  • Phone number: +81-3-5619-1892

4. Dojo Iidaya

Dojo lidaya: Boneless hotpot served in a setting resembling a Japanese inn, superb freshness cooked to perfection (Source: Internet)

Dojo Iidaya, a restaurant in Asakusa, is known for serving full dojo, a tiny Coldwater fish. Enjoy meals like their boneless dojo hot pot, which features really fresh fish that has been perfectly cooked and pairs well with pepper and a seven-spice combination from the neighborhood store Yagenbori in Asakusa. This family-owned eatery has been in business for several generations and is close to Tokyo Skytree. It offers a distinct atmosphere that is evocative of a traditional Japanese inn.

  • Location: 3-3-2, Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo (around three minutes of walking from Oshiage Station)
  • Price: 2000 Yen to 5000 Yen (~$14.67 to ~$36.69 )
  • Time: 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM (except Wednesday)
  • Phone number: +81-3-3843-0881

5. Kushiemon

Kushiemon (Source: Internet)

Asakusa restaurant Kushiemon offers kushiage, which are skewers created with delectable fresh ingredients including sushi-grade fish and seasonally available Japanese vegetables and deep-fried to a crispy perfection. To accommodate every taste, the restaurant serves 10 different kinds of handmade dipping sauces. Try the conger eel, which is taken in Tokyo Bay nearby.

  • Location: 1-23-3, Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 5000 Yen (~$36.69 )
  • Time: 5 PM – 10 PM
  • Phone number: +81-3-3866-7633

6. Okonomiyaki Monjayaki Asakusa Tsurujiro

Enjoy okonomiyaki, a savory pancake or crepe with origins in the western Kansai region of Japan, at Tsurujiro in Asakusa. In order to brought out the savory delicacy of the ingredients, the chef makes the meal in front of the guests using a particular Tokyo combination of ingredients and high heat.

Okonomiyaki Monjayaki Asakusa Tsurujiro (Source: Internet)

They also sell “monjayaki,” a meal similar to okonomiyaki but with a softer, runnier dough, which is the eastern Kanto counterpart. The ultimate monjayaki experience includes a full supper of pork, ribs, squid, octopus, huge shrimp, scallops, corn, red pickled ginger, and homemade eggs.

  • Location: 1-20-8 Asakusa , Taito-ku, Tokyo (The first exit of the Tokyo Metro’s Asakusa Station is three minutes away by foot.)
  • Price: 980 Yen to 2000 Yen (~$7.19 to ~$14.67)
  • Time: Lunch – 11: 30 AM to 3 PM, Dinner – 5 PM to 10 PM (Sunday – 11:30 AM to 10 PM)
  • Phone number: +81-3-5755-5888

7. Endo Risaburo Shoten

Endo Risaburo Shoten (Source: Internet)

The folks in the area are crazy about this trendy wine restaurant. Every day, a variety of 15 different varieties Japanese wine, both white and red wine, are offered for 500 yen each glass.
The “Risaburo Special! Assorted Meat Appetizer” one of their most well-known meals, is a pleasing blend of pâté, dry-cured ham, and liver mousse.
After a day of sightseeing, be sure to unwind with a good bottle of wine at “Endo Risaburo Shoten”!

  • Location: 1-33-3 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 6000 Yen to 7999 Yen (~$44.02 to ~$58.69)
  • Time: 6 PM to 12 AM
  • Phone number: +81-3-6657-2127

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8. Brasserie Aux Amis Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Branch

In a lovely setting with stunning views of the surround city from the 30th floor, the restaurant focuses on showcasing the tastes of the season. They obtain their top-quality ingredients from France and Japan, including full roasted lobster from Brittany, which is reputed to be the best in the world, and Ozaki brand beef from the Miyazaki region, which is rated A5.

A French eatery called Brasserie Aux Amis Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Branch is situated in the Tokyo Skytree complex’s East Tower. (Source: Internet)

The menu’s highlight is their selection of superb French meals included in their prix fixe courses. For every special event, from a memorable first trip to the region to a family gathering or a romantic date, this Tokyo Skytree restaurant is the ideal choice.

  • Location: Tokyo Solamachi 30th floor, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 2000 Yen to 10000 Yen (~$14.67 to ~$73.37)
  • Time: Lunch – 11 AM to 3 PM, Dinner – 5 PM to 11 PM
  • Phone number: +81-3-5809-7477

9. Ryuen

Ryuen: Beautiful meal, a classy setting, and premium ingredients (Source: Internet)

Enjoy exquisitely beautiful Chinese cuisine in a classy setting at Ryuen in Asakusa. Chinese culinary classics are reinvented in dishes like their Century Egg Tofu in a fresh way, while their fiery chicken “Yodaredori” showcases a Szechuan dish made using both eastern and western cooking methods. To provide an even richer flavor, they add a range of ingredients that were carefully chosen from nearby farms.

  • Location: 3-1-9, Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo (“Tawaramachi Station” (on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line) is a 5-minute walk away.)
  • Price: 1500 Yen to 6000 Yen (~$11.01 to ~$44.02)
  • Time: Lunch – 12 PM to 2 PM, Dinner – 5 PM to 8:30 PM (except Monday)
  • Phone number: +81-3-3844-2581

10. Sekai Cafe Oshiage

The soy-based karaage, Japanese curry, and vegan sweets on the café-style menu of the traveler-friendly Sekai Cafe are intended to appeal to vegetarians and Muslims.

Sekai Cafe Oshiage  (Source: Internet)

Everything is prepared using only halal ingredients, and there are several alternatives available for vegetarians and vegans as well. Both of the soy karaage and the curry deceived our meat-eating tasting crew since they tasted and looked more like real meat than any veg version we had ever encountered.

  • Location: 2-16-8 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 2000 Yen (~$14.67)
  • Time: 10 AM to 8:30 PM (except the second Tuesday of each month)
  • Phone number: +81-3-6284-1760

11. Rantei

Rantei (Source: Internet)

Mukojima’s best “ramen izakaya,” which is tucked away on a residential road not far from the Sumida River, can be challenging to discover but rewards brave noodle hunters with shoyu, shoyu-chashu, shio, and shio-chashu chuka soba. Their most popular meal is the classic salt option, and for good reason—the soup’s powerful flavors and slick noodles are the perfect way to cap off a night of drinking and seafood snacks.

  • Location: 5-20-4 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: ~600 Yen (~$4.40)
  • Time: 6 PM to 1 AM (except Sunday and Holidays)
  • Phone number: +81-3-3624-3988

12. Restaurant Azuma

Restaurant Azuma (Source: Internet)

The distance from Asakusa Station to this eatery is less than ten minutes on foot. Yoshoku (western-style food) restaurant “Restaurant Azuma” has a long and illustrious history, having been opened in 1913.
It is renowned for its food as well as its commitment to providing excellent service. Their “Sendai Sosaku Omurice”—a mind-blowingly wonderful concoction of chicken rice and a half-cooked egg—is their most well-known dish.

  • Location: 2-7-8 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 3000 Yen to 3999 Yen (~$22.01 to ~$29.34)
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (except Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Phone number: +81-3-3622-7857

Some Entertainment In The SkyTree

1. Observation deck

Observation deck (Source: Internet)

Naturally, if you’ve managed to make it this far, you must ascend to the tower’s observation decks to experience Tokyo from its tallest structure.

Tokyo Skytree features two viewing platforms. The Sorakara Point, Tokyo’s tallest observation deck, is reached after passing through the Tembo Galleria and the Tembo Deck, both of which are 350 meters above ground.

The following are your ticket choices:

  • Regular same-day ticket (2,100 Yen for those who are 18 years of age and older/2,300 Yen on holidays): gives access to the Tempo Deck, which provides a stunning vista of the city.
  • SkyTree fast fare (3,200 Yen for those 12 and older): If you wish to purchase this unique ticket, which permits you to avoid the line just for visitors, make sure to carry your passport.
  • Open Hours: 8AM to 10 PM

2. Shop at Tokyo Solamachi

As soon as you leave the dizzying heights of the Tokyo Skytree observation decks, you may explore Tokyo Skytree Town, an entertainment and shopping hub that is home to the Tokyo Solamachi shopping center, a top-notch aquarium, and a planetarium.

Tokyo Solamachi (Source: Internet)

More than 300 stores and eateries in Tokyo Solamachi provide contemporary clothing, accessories, well-known Japanese brands, and a broad selection of unique mementos. All of your favorite Japanese characters can be found here if you’re a fan.

For limited-edition merchandise, visit the Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and Ultraman shops.

Pick up some classic Japanese sweets for on-the-go snacks, or settle down to some genuinely decadent Japanese fare. Eel, tempura, and monja-yaki—a savory pancake with pork and veggies from Tokyo—are more options.

3. To admire at the Sumida Aquarium

After you’ve finished your shopping, a visit to the aquarium might strike your fancy. When you walk in, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered a completely different world because of its minimalistic design.

Sumida Aquarium (Source: Internet)

Sumida Aquarium is located on the fifth and sixth floors of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN’s West Yard. The wonderful jellyfish tunnel, one of Japan’s largest goldfish exhibitions, and one of the country’s largest indoor pool tanks, that carries roughly 350 tons of water, are all available for your enjoyment.

With the Water’s Blessing Tokyo Tank, which is home to a variety of fish from diverse species, such as grey nurse sharks and stingrays, the aquarium also takes visitors closer to the underwater world of the Ogasawara Islands, which are Tokyo’s sole World Natural Heritage site.

  • Open Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

4. Starry sky at the Konica Minolta Planetarium

The Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploration. This planetarium will transport you to another universe with dynamic pictures and high-tech surround sound using the most recent projection and audio technologies.

Konica Minolta Planetarium – Tenku (Source: Internet)

Another option is the 3D Sound Dome, where regular noises like the wind blowing, the waves crashing, or the busy city are substantially amplified so that you feel as though you are truly there rather than just observing.


1. What time does the Observation Deck’s last admittance happen?

From 10:00 to 21:00, the Observation Deck is accessible. The TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck and TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria have their last admittance at 20:00 and 20:20, respectively.

2. Can I make reservations at a restaurant?

Details on “Sky Restaurant 634” may be found here.

3. Is visiting Tokyo Skytree worthwhile?

With the exception of the historical exhibits, it is almost identical to any other observation deck in a large city. If you want a cool view when you are already in Asakusa, go for it. I wouldn’t advise making a special journey here, especially if you’re close to the Tokyo Tower or the Tokyo Metro Building.

4. Are there any items I cannot bring into Tokyo Skytree?

Wireless technologies, hazardous materials, and other things that can’t be used within the building are all prohibited. You must also go through a metal detector and luggage check to access the building.

5. Is there an ATM in Tokyo Solamachi?

ATMs may be found in Block 3 of the 1F, Block 10 of the 2F, and Block 9 of the 4F.Additionally, some ATMs let you use a debit or credit card or a cash card that was issued by a foreign banking institution to withdraw money.

6. Do you have wheelchairs that you can rent? Does the Observation Deck have wheelchair accessibility as well?

Obtain a wheelchair on loan. They are few in number, nevertheless. Please get advice from a staff member who is nearby. You don’t need to get out of your wheelchair to access the Observation Deck.

7. Do any employees at the store speak another language?

Yes. English-speaking information staff is available. Be free to ask them whatever you want. Block 12 of 1F and Block 5 of 3F (Solamachi Shopping Arcade)

8. What features of the Tokyo Skytree are famous?

The Tokyo Skytree tower is mostly known for its stunning viewing decks, but it is also Tokyo’s radio tower. Along with many TV and radio stations in Tokyo using the tower, it serves the crucial purpose of supplying stable radio waves to the Kanto region.

9. What time of year is ideal for visiting Tokyo Skytree?

Winter is an excellent season to climb TOKYO SKYTREE if you enjoy towering structures and scenic vistas. The sky are quite clear relative to the rest of the year, so fortunate tourists may be able to view as far as Mt. Fuji and beyond.

10. What station is closest to the skytree?

To reach TOKYO SKYTREE from Asakusa Station, which is on the Ginza Line of the Tokyo Metro, take 5 minutes from Ueno Station.


The top 12 Tokyo Skytree Restaurants are listed above. Now that you know some options for dining in and near Tokyo Skytree, the spectacular building that doubles as a broadcast tower, maybe you can plan your next meal.

Tokyo Skytree is also a popular dining destination where visitors and residents can unwind and sample a variety of Japanese cuisine while taking in the view of the Tokyo metropolis.

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