What Battery For a G-Shock Watch? Replacing Its Battery Properly

Casio releases a wide range of G-Shock models each year thanks to constant improvements in manufacturing technology. Most G-Shocks can last from 3 to 10 years depending on how you use them.

In particular, regular maintenance, checks and proper battery replacement play an important role in allowing your G-Shock to operate efficiently and smoothly. So, What battery for a G-Shock watch? What to do when your G-Shock battery is running out? Find out more below.

What battery for a G-Shock watch?

In particular, regular maintenance, checks and proper battery replacement play an important role in allowing your G-Shock to operate efficiently and smoothly. (Source: Internet)

How Long Does A G-Shock Battery Typically Last?

The answer is that you can expect your G-Shock’s battery to last from 2 to 13 years, with between 5 and 6 years being an average lifespan. How you use the watch and if you have any of the durable solar G-Shock versions will determine just how long it will survive.

For example, a significant factor in the Casio G-Shock watch’s battery life is how frequently the illumination and alarm are utilized. It is certainly conceivable to gain a full decade of battery life if you use both extremely seldom or not at all.

In fact, in principle, you should be able to get at least twice as much battery life by not utilizing the backlight at all. The battery life of your G-Shock watch may also be extended if you utilize a solar atomic battery, which just requires a small amount of sunlight to remain functioning rather than the typical four hours needed to completely charge the watch.

What Battery For G-Shock Watches?

Any G-Shock watch utilizes a coin battery, however, the type of battery depends on the model. We created a table that will assist you in selecting the appropriate battery. If you want to find out the module’s number or the name of the watch, you should simply look at the case’s back cover.

Batteries can be divided into groups like CR2016, CR2025, CR1220, CR2032, SR927W, and others. Their lifespan, which ranges from 2 to 10 years, is the fundamental difference between these batteries.

How to Change G-SHOCK Watch Battery | CASIO - YouTube

Any G-Shock watch utilizes a coin battery, however, the type of battery depends on the model. (Source: Internet)

The longer lifespan of the 10 years batteries is a result of their lower power usage. Additionally, they are utilized in timepieces that have a basic mechanism, no second hand (its operation drains the battery), and lack of backlight.

It is typical to find watches that feature two batteries, with the SR927W being the most popular model. One battery is usually used only for the backlight, while the other is used for everything else.

Types of batteries for G-Shock watches:

AW-590 CR1220
AW-591 CR1220
AWG-100 CTL1616
AWG-101 1025
AWG-M100 CTL920
DW-003 1025
DW-004 CR2016
DW-5000 CR2016
DW-5030 CR2016
DW-5600 CR2016
DW-5700 CR2016
DW-5900 CR2016
DW-6000 CR2025
DW-6400 CR2016
DW-6600 CR2016
DW-6900 CR2016
DW-6901 CR2016
DW-6925 CR2016
DW-6930 CR2016
DW-8300 CR2016
DW-8700 CR2016
DW-9000 CR2016
DW-9005 CR2016
DW-9050 CR2016
DW-9051 CR2016
DW-9052 CR2016
DW-9400 CR2016
G-001 CTL1616F
G-100 CR2016
G-1000 CTL1616
G-1010 CTL1616F
G-1200 CR2025
G-1250 SR927W
G-1400 SR927W
G-1500 CTL920
G-1710D CTL920F
G-1800D CTL920F
G-2110 CTL920F
G-2210 CR1220
G-2300 CR2016
G-2400 SR726W × 2
G-2900 CR2025
G-300 CR2016
G-306X SOLAR + ML2016
G-3100 CR2016
G-314 SR927W
G-3310 SR927W
G-353B CR2016
G-500 SR927W
G-510 CR2016
G-511 SR927W
G-520 SR927W
G-531D SR927W
G-540D SR927W
G-541D SR927W
G-542D SR927W
G-5500 SR927W
G-600 SR927W
G-601 SR927W
G-610 CTL1616F
G-611 SR927W
G-701 SR927W
G-7100 SR927W
G-7300 SR927W
G-7400 SR927W
G-7600 CR2025
G-7700 CR2025
G-7700 CTL1616F
G-7710 CR2025
G-7800 CTL1616F
G-7900 CR2025
G-8100 CR2016
G-8900 CR2016
G-9000 CR2025
G-9100 CR2025
G-9300 CTL1616
GA-100 CR1220
GA-1000 SR927W x 2
GA-110 CR1220
GA-1100 SR927W × 2
GA-120 CR1220
GA-150 CR1220
GA-200 CR1220
GA-201 CR1220
GA-2100 SR726W
GA-2200 CR1220
GA-300 SR927W x 2
GA-310 SR927W x 2
GA-400 CR2016
GA-500 CR2016
GA-700 CR2016
GA-710 CR2016
GA-800 CR2016
GAC-100 SR927SW
GAS-100 CTL920
GAW-100 CTL920
GAX-100 SR927W × 2
GB-5600 CR2032
GB-6900 CR2032
GB-X6900 CR2032
GBA-400 SR927W x 2
GD-100 CR2025
GD-110 CR2025
GD-120 CR2025
GD-200 CR2016
GD-350 CR2032
GD-400 CR2025
GD-X6900 CR2032
GD-X6930E CR2032
GDF-100 CR2025
GG-1000 SR927W × 2
GLS-5600 CR2025
GLS-6900 CR2025
GLX-150 CR2025
GLX-5500 CR2025
GLX-5600 CR2025
GLX-6900 CR2025
GM-2100 CTL1616F
GMA-S110 CR1220
GMA-S110 CR2016
GMA-S120 CR1220
GMA-S130 CR2016
GMA-S130 CR1220
GN-1000 SR927W × 2
GPW-1000 CTL1616
GPW-2000 CTL1616
GR-7900 CTL920F
GR-8900 CTL1616
GR-8900 CTL1616F
GRX-5600 CTL1616
GST-200 SR927W × 2
GST-210 SR927W × 2
GST-B100 CTL920
GST-S100 CTL920
GST-S110 CTL920
GST-S120 CTL920
GST-S130 CTL920
GST-W300 CTL920
GST-W310 CTL920
GW-002 CTL1616F
GW-056 CTL1616F
GW-1400 CTL1616F
GW-2000 CTL1616F
GW-2300 CTL920F
GW-2310 CTL1616
GW-300 CTL1616F
GW-3000 CTL920
GW-3500 CTL920
GW-4000 CTL920
GW-500 CTL1616F
GW-6900 CTL1616
GW-7900 CR2025
GW-800 CTL1616F
GW-810 CTL1616F
GW-8900 CTL1616F
GW-9000 CTL1616F
GW-9010 CTL1616
GW-9100 CTL1616F
GW-9110 CTL1616
GW-9200 CTL1616
GW-9300 CTL1616F
GW-9400 CTL1616
GW-A1000 CTL920
GW-A1100 CTL1616
GW-A1130 CTL1616F
GW-M500 CTL920F
GW-M5600 CTL1616F
GW-M5610 CTL1616
GW-M850 CTL1616F
GWF-1000 SR726W
GWF-D1000 CTL1616
GWF-D1000 CTL1616F
GWF-T1000 CTL1616
GWF-T1030 CTL1616F
GWF-T1030A CTL1616F
GWG-1000 CTL1616
GWN-1000 CTL1616
GWN-Q1000 CTL1616
GWX-5600 CTL1616
GWX-8900 CTL1616
GX-56 CTL1616
MRG-8100 CTL920F
MRG-8101 CTL920F
MRG-8130 CTL920F
MTG-1000 CR2016
MTG-1100 1025
MTG-1200 CTL920F
MTG-1500 CTL920F
MTG-900 CTL920F
MTG-930 CTL1616F
MTG-S1000 CTL1616F
MTG-S1030 CTL920F

Solar G-Shock’s Battery Life

Because solar G-Shock batteries continually recharge when placed under sunlight, they often have a longer lifespan. In general, solar watches offer several benefits over other watch types, including being reasonably priced, eco-friendly, requiring less maintenance, and needing fewer battery replacements.

The reason solar watches function is that light is collected through a solar panel and then transformed into electrical energy for battery storage. The capacitor, or the component that stores electrical energy, in a Casio solar watch has a limited lifespan of around 10 years before it needs to be changed under typical use.

Technology - Solar-powered (Tough Solar) | CASIO

Because solar G-Shock batteries continually recharge when placed under sunlight, they often have a longer lifespan. (Source: Internet)

The watch’s battery might, however, theoretically endure for thousands of years before requiring to be changed if you could keep it in a consistently cold, dry, and oxygen-free environment.

What Affects The Battery Life of A G-Shock

There are two major factors that will affect a G-Shock watch’s battery life.

1. Frequency of use

The more often you use the watch’s features, the shorter the watch’s battery life. A GPS, a stopwatch, a backlight, a chronograph, or an LED screen are just a few of the useful features that these watches provide in addition to automated characteristics like sensors, atomic timekeeping or robust movement. When you use them frequently, you use more energy, which causes the batteries to age more quickly.

GPRB1000 Watches Collection | G-SHOCK | CASIO

The more often you use the watch’s features, the shorter the watch’s battery life. (Source: Internet)

2. Environments

The majority of watches are made to function effectively under typical conditions, including humidity and temperature. As a result, the temperature of the batteries will rise under hotter or more humid conditions, causing them to use up more energy and shorten their lifespan.

How Can I Know If A G-Shock’s Battery Is Running Out

The majority of G-Shock watches have a battery level indicator that will let you know when the battery is about to run out.

However, even if you purchase a G-shock model without a battery indicator, there are a number of methods to tell when your watch’s battery life is about to run out:

  • If the LCD display’s numerals are fading even when the backlight is turned on.
  • If the lights suddenly disappear when the backlight is turned on before reappearing after the backlight is turned off.
  • Regardless of whether your backlight is on, if the display starts to fade.

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G-shock Watch Battery Replacement

You should replace the battery through the CASIO service centers. Note some points below:

  • Only use the User’s Guide-recommended battery type when replacing the batteries. Changing the battery type might lead to problems.
  • Request that the batteries’ water resistance be checked while they are being replaced.
  • When put through regular everyday usage, aesthetic resin components may get worn, fractured, or bent. Be aware that your watch can be returned to you with an explanation of the anomaly and without getting the required service if cracking or any other irregularity indicating probable damage is found in a watch that has been sent in for battery replacement.

If you want to try to repair it yourself at home, we offer the following way.

However, we still advise going to Casio authorized service centers to replace your G-Shock battery.

Useful Tips To Extend G-Shock Battery Life

You can try the following tips to extend the battery life of your watch:

1. Avoid utilizing too many watch functionalities

Continually using all of your watch’s functionalities, such as the alarm and stopwatch, may cause the battery to run out more quickly. Utilize only the features that you really require and turn off the rest.

2. Keep your timepiece tidy

Additionally, a buildup of filth on the watch may cause the battery to drain more quickly. Regularly clean your watch with a soft cloth.

3. Place your watch in moderate temperatures

Both hot and cold environments might affect the life of your watch batteries. As much as you can, try to maintain your watch in appropriate temperature conditions.

4. Frequently have your watch serviced

Watches require regular servicing to keep them operating effectively, just like any other electronic item. Additionally, it will help the batteries in your watch last longer.

5. Use premium batteries

Although inexpensive batteries may be alluring, they will not perform as well as high-quality batteries. It is a wise decision when investing in premium watch batteries.


1. Does G-Shock’s battery need to be replaced?

Of course, a G-Shock watch’s battery can be replaced after 2 to 5 years of use. Send it to any watch service shop if the battery has to be changed. The majority of stores should have no trouble changing the battery for you. If you would prefer to do it yourself, you may also buy batteries online and search for the methods on the internet.

2. How do I know what G-Shock model I have?

The model number of your G-Shock may be easily determined by looking at the watch’s back. It will be printed there. You may also try checking the watch’s manual if you have trouble finding the model number on the watch’s back. There should also be a listing of the model number.

3. How can I check the battery in my G-Shock?

Remove the watch’s rear cover to see the battery in your G-Shock. Check the battery level by pressing and holding the side button of the watch for a few seconds. The battery level should be displayed on a little screen that appears.

4. What size battery does the G-Shock have?

Different G-Shock batteries are available for each watch series. By utilizing our chart and selecting the appropriate battery type, you can determine the size of your battery. If you are aware that your G-Shock watch is compatible with CR2025 batteries, for example, you may determine its size at any retailer.

5. Why has my G-Shock stopped functioning?

There are a few potential reasons for a G-Shock watch to malfunction. The battery might need to be changed, for instance. Another reason is that the watch has to be fixed since it was somehow damaged. You should take your G-Shock watch to a watch service shop to get it looked at if it stops working.

6. Does G-Shock’s battery need to be charged?

G-Shock timepieces don’t require charging. They are powered by a battery, which must be changed when it runs out of power. By holding and pressing the watch’s side button for a short amount of time, you can also check the battery level.

7. What should I do to reset my G-shock after replacing the battery?

It’s probably the case that your watch has to be reset if it stops operating after you replace the battery. Press and hold the side button of a G-Shock watch for a few seconds to reset it. The time and date should be displayed on the small screen. To confirm the reset, press and hold the button once more for just a short amount of time.

8. How should the G-Shock GA100’s battery be changed?

Start by taking off the watch’s rear cover in order to replace the battery in your GA100. You can see the battery after the back cover has been removed. Simply take the old battery out of the watch to get rid of it. Put the new battery into the timepiece, and then put the rear cover back on.

9. What distinguishes CR2016 from CR2032 batteries?

While CR2016 only has a 90 mAh limit, CR 2032 offers a 240 mAh capacity. Depending on how much power you’re consuming, of course, the CR2032 may last for up to 10 hours whereas the CR2016 only lasts for roughly 6 hours. There are multiple situations where CR2032 and CR2016 can be swapped out because of their equivalent voltage.

10. Is it fine to leave a dead battery in a watch?

Even if you can’t immediately repair your broken watch, you should still take out the battery. Similar to other battery-operated devices, a dead battery left in place can leak into the watch, causing corrosion and moisture that can eventually result in rust. The entire watch may be ruined by this.


In conclusion, what battery for a G-shock watch will depend on your watch model. Most G-Shock watches will require a battery replacement after 2 to 5 years of use, so always be aware of the health of your G-Shock and take it to the nearest watch service shop for a battery replacement if necessary.

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